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Power Panel

a. MCC Panel
Power distribution systems used in large commercial and industrial applications can be
complex. Power may be distributed through Switchgear, Switchboards, Transformers, and Panel
board. Power distributed throughout a commercial or industrial application is used for a variety
of resistive/inductive load such as heating, cooling, lighting, and motor-driven machinery.

In many commercial and industrial applications, quite a few electric motors are required, and it is often desirable to control some or all of the motors from a central location. The apparatus designed for this function is the motor control center (MCC).

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Industrial Control Panel

a. PLC Control Panels
We present a high quality PLC control panel that is highly acclaimed in the national and
international market for long lasting excellent performance. Our PLC based control panel
provides maximum output and consumes low electricity.

These salient features of our PLC based control panel make it perfect for automatic filter press.
Compact in designs, our PLC based control panel is technically advanced and needs no

Above Panels are used to Various Industrial Process Control, Water & Waste Water Applications

b. Textile Machine Control Panel
We offer precision made control panels for textile machines. The panels are made with attention
details that the machine demands and we also ensure that these are compatible with the
standard makes and models of the machines.

These control panels are exclusively designed for automation panel (PLC & Drive Based) control of
the different machines used in textile mills. These panels have good display and control systems
for ease of usage and maintenance.

c. Soft Start Control Panel
We hold expertise in designing and developing remarkable Soft Start Panel Offered for High moment of Inertia applications. Driven Load is Starts and Stops Smoothly as per Program Setting in the Soft Start Unit.
We offer the Panels are used to Pumps, Compressors, Fans, Conveyors, Gear or belt driven machinery and other Process Industry,

d. Forward/Reverse Panel
We are engaged in offering an automatic or manual forward/reverse motor driven applications. Both electrically and mechanically interlocked switch gear products are used.
These Panels can be used for Grinding and Turning applications.

e. Fire Hydrant Panels
We Offer the precision made control panels for Fire fighting Systems with provision for engine auto start. Automatic and Manual control for Main, Jockey and Booster Pump with electrically interlocked between them.

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Energy Management Panel

a. Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel
In any power supply and distribution system, losses will occur. Introduction of penalty for
crossing the demand limit and reactive power consumed is further driving the consumer for
serious optimization of power efficiency. Hence adequate reactive compensation is required at
the load side to improve the power factor.

These Products are applied for Various Industries, Wind Mills, Commercial complexes, Critical
Health care Facilities.

b. Automatic Source Change Over Panel

The Automatic Source Change Over Panel integrated the power distribution, control, monitoring and protection of Stand by power system. Source Switching and addressing the issue of complete power quality requires a whole new level of Automatic Transfer and System Capability.

These Products are widely applied for Various Industries, Commercial complexes, Critical Health
care Facilities, 24 Hours service centre and Data Ware houses.

c. Cyclic Load Energy Saving Panel

Repeated load variations, the AC motor is supplied with excess power as that much power is not
Required by the motor to operate in the load conditions, which gives the area for energy

The panel is recommended for applications where load changes are not too fast. Economy and
standard version.

The Panels applied for Casting Foundry, Sugar, Cement and Chemical Industry.

Agricultural Panel

Automatic Star Delta Motor Control Panels, Starters & Single Phase Panels

Powercap ” Starters and Motor Control Panel Auto Switch is re-starts the pump automatically
and it consists of Auto, Test & Manual mode selector switch.

Rapid prevention of pump is possible with sensitive electronic controlled pump guard rather than
thermal over load relay during dry running (pump running without water).

Heavy Duty Starting and Running Capacitor of reputed brand are provided depending on the HP
of Single Phase Panel.

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Constructions & Domestic Panel

We offer Single Phase Motor Control Panel, Junction Boxes and Metering Panels for construction and domestic applications. These are available in standard specifications and are at par with engineering standards. Our Panels are the perfect combination of production experience, good quality basic parts/components and proven techniques of manufacturing. We offer the panels at very competent cost and assure clients of timely delivery of consignments

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The Panels applied for Rural and Dusty Agricultural Environment, Plant & Domestic Construction and Submersible applications.

Custom Built Control Panels

For Indivitual/group control of contactors, switching elements, soft starters, drives, HMI and programmable logic controller Panels, Connecting & Disconnecting sockets with cables are manufactured for various applications as per customer request.

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